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War for Krai

Open world prototype showcasing the level design of MMORPG.

A 3rd person MMORPG with PVE and PVP elements. The players pick between 3 factions that fight over the variuous locations of fantasy world - Krai. Each faction has it’s own lore, skill sets and bases. The factions each introduce players to different paths and quests.

The goal of each faction is to hold the as many areas on the map as possible. By holding the areas the faction earns points. At end of each season every player in the faction that had the most points receives special items or cosmetic rewards.


  • Skyers : A great empire harvesting the power of the stars. They are very religious and follow Words of Celestials which give them their powers.

  • Men of the Wilds: Their history is filled with blood shed. For the Skyers are Men of the Wilds just wild animals and barbarians. It might look like that innitially but there is a lot of depth in their lives.

  • Warriors of the Western Empire: Once great heroes now just shells blindly following their generals. These men were sent here for a quick invasion but received an unexpected defeat. After barely capturing the Island of Fallen God, their future was unclear.

My role on the project

A solo project. Responsible for: everything.





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