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Sheep Mayhem

A 2 player splitscreen prototype showcasing design of 2 different characters working together.

A great storm has hit the valley of Crooked Mountains. A lot of damage has been done, houses have been raised, sheep went flying. Help Ruff, a young shepherd, gather his stock from the mountains. The journey will be rough and long but accompanying him is his best friend, a shepherd dog called Whizz. Go through ever more challenging levels of the mountains and get the sheep back into a pack. You have to look closely, they are scattered everywhere.

The goal of the game is to progress through levels, learning new mechanics in each one. Each level either teaches the player a new mechanic or has a wow moment. Wow moments use scenery and gameplay mechanics in a balanced way. The scenery speaks for itself and the “mechanics wow moments” are done so when the player completely understands the mechanics, they should be amazed by how well the levels play out, using the mechanics correctly.

My role on the project

A solo project. Responsible for: everything.





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