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Hamster Run

A short level showcasing a fun and quick gameplay. Play as a hamster in the hamster ball, running away from it's past.

Our little hero, Hamilton The Hamster, is on a very slippery path of freedom. He is a genius space hamster trying to get his fellow rodents back on top of the trophic pyramid.

The story begins when Hamilton gets caught in his home by

some researchers and gets put in a space shuttle and sent to banishment on

planet Earth, in a pet shop. When Hamilton was being delivered on planet Earth,

inconspicuously some human children caught the event of landing and thus they

captured all the hamsters. Once the children have caught all the hamsters, they

hand them over to the grown-ups - the humans running a pet shop in the vicinity

of the New York Zoo. Once in captivity Hamilton starts working on his genius

plan to escape and schemes and sketches a new way of transport for himself. He

calls it the B.A.L.L-C. which is short for Ballistic and Large Landing Craft.

It is a military technology inspired version of the basic hamster ball we all


My role on the project

Responsible for: Game and level design.





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