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Equi and Aca

3D third person jumper with shooter combat mechanics. Fantasy combined with technology.

EQUI and Aca stars the robotic wizard EQUI, and their magical familiar Aca. Tasked with keeping the balance between magic and technology, the two return home only to find it corrupted and out of balance. Discovering a weapon left behind for them by their creator, the duo embark on a journey to set things right.

My role on the project

​The second game of Lunar Panda Studio was a 3D platformer project done in Unreal Engine. I have started in a team of 2 gameplay designers. Right from the start I was assigned the role of taking care of the audio. This role was given to me because of my previous experience in Sound Design. Soon after, I was given the right to hire students from other modules. That's when I was given the lead audio role. I have managed 7 people: 3 sound effect artists, 2 music composers, 1 dialogue designer and 1 voice actor.





People on the project



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