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Dreamer Minds

Solo developed short horror experience. Focused on horror and world building.

A Country called New Lows has had a very troublesome start. Being overrun by mythological beings in medieval times and then later ruined by the mining and lumber industry. Most folks believe that the creatures from the tales are just legends but there is some hard evidence in the form of skulls and bones of these creatures scattered around the country. Sceptics say that those are just animal bones recreated into something to scare people, they say that it is all just a joke.

You play as a private investigator that suffers from severe insomnia. You are on a trail of missing Mr. Schandler, a 28 year old journalist, whose last known location was Rift Woods

While driving through the woods you see some weird lights in the trees but you don't pay it much attention. In the asylum you find evidence of torture and abuse done on the patients.

Using your experience in the medical world and from your addiction to morfium you deduct that patients were usually forced to sleep. There is evidence that all of the patients had the same diagnosis as you did. 

Player finds out that the mythological beings from the legends might in fact be real.

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A solo project. Responsible for: everything.





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