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Cluster Cell

A concept of a game inspired by Vampire survivors where the players could choose from various legends. The legends would be split to differenet factions and the theme of the game would by dystopian sci-fi.

Pick from a range of heroes and conquer the always evolving levels. Upgrade and evolve your heroes to fit your playstyle. Survive the deadly never-ending waves of enemies. Like being the best and spending hours grinding to build the perfect character? We got you, try our game for free and see for yourself.

“We stopped counting the years somewhere around the 2050s. Societies have fallen. It’s the survival of the fittest once again. The only difference is - we have cool toys to play with now. “

  • Cluster Cell Survivor

With the world completely drowned in chaos and anarchy, morality has left the planet. Brother turned on brother, daughter turned on mother. Fighting over food, shelter, protection, people have become hardened once again. Some are fighting to form tribes, some are on a quest to find the cause of the Fall, but there are also those that hunt just for sport.

“Come one come all. Ladies and Gentlemen, Welcome to the 5th anniversary of the Cluster Cell Tournament!!!

With the world ending and the planet slowly killing the last of the survivors, thousands have joined the Cluster Cell Tournament. A fight to the death between humans and the world. Leaving the safety of their colonies to challenge the world. Each contestant streaming their inevitable doom for the entertainment of the viewers. How far can you get before you meet the Grim Reaper? We shall watch and see.

“Come in. Nature made you a freak or did you fall into a radioactive leak? You hate people but fell in love with animals? All night you watch the stars, that makes you rational?

You will always find your place in the Cluster Cell

  • Mysterious Man

My role on the project

An idea with a friend of mine. He would be the programmer, I would do the design and art. In cooperatin with Thype Studio.


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